DocOzone does Backgrounds!

Background files. Everyone needs them, everyone wants them. Many of the archives out there will have literally *thousands* to choose from, most of them crappy, alas. I've put nothing in this aschive except backgrounds I like, you'll find no crap here. The bandwidth load for this whole archive is huge. Tough luck. Here they are, enjoy!

- last updated 28June1998 -

These backgrounds are intended to be free for use for personal or non-commercial use. Commercial use is expressly forbidden, without prior consultation with me, Dr. Thaddeus Ozone. I usually will grant a licence for such commercial use, at a very small fee. Poor? We can probably work something out, I don't do backgrounds for a living, I do web design. If you need some commercial design work, email me at work, at "[email protected]". (That's Vector Internet Services, Inc., Minnesota's premiere ISP, woo!) Thanks for listening!

Your pal, -doc-

All images Copyright©1998, all rights reserved.