Light show type : Russian Dolls

The Russian Dolls light show

This light show associates a different image with each song. The light show area is divided into concentric areas of various shapes (oval, octogonal, rectangle, rounded rectangle) : the 'dolls'.

The size of the smallest doll can be set through the CENTERWIDTH and CENTERHEIGHT tags in the HTML code. The FITIMAGE = 1 tag value means that the whole light show area is set to match the actual size of the image. If the image is bigger than the applet area, only the central part will be visible.

As CENTERWIDTH and CENTERHEIGHT have a priority on the FITIMAGE setting, special effects can be obtained, for instance by choosing an image that is smaller than the applet size, and by specifying a CENTERWIDTH with a value between the width of the applet (the WIDTH value), and the width of the image (using FITIMAGE = 1).

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