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Modulator Jane

Modulator Jane™ release 1.0

Welcome to Modulator Jane. This sound-to-graphics modulator Java™ applet will turn your WEB pages into hallucinating disco clubs !

Java is a trade mark of Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Modulator Jane is a trade mark of Neural Semantics sprl, Belgium

Introducing Modulator Jane

Modulator Jane is a Java applet : an applet is a program that will only run inside a browser, or through an applet viewer.

All settings are made through HTML tags : a little knowledge of HTML is of course welcome if you want to set up your own shows, but in the Setting up your own show section, you will find easy tricks to build Modulator Jane-enabled WEB pages with your own sound and image files.

In the Modulator Jane show you will find several examples of ready-to-run settings. Have a look at the HTML sources of these WEB pages to check how the sound and image files are connected to the modulator.

This demo is time-limited (60-days) and allows you to test the software on your local computer and on your server.

Have a lot of fun !

The Modulator Jane show

Modulator Jane is made out of two independant components : the modulator itself, which performs the sound analysis, and a light show, which determines the way the sound will affect the screen.

This version comes with 3 basic light show types : the spotlights light show, the Russian dolls light show, and the grids light show. Each light show offers a wide variety of settings. Turn your speakers on, and go for :

Audio format

We preferred to go for compatibility with browsers - including older ones - rather than the latest developments of the Java Virtual Machines : most browsers that people actually use are far from being the latest releases, and for audio, most of them will only support Sun's mu-law encoded AU file format, sampled at 8000 Hertz. Of course, the sound quality of these files is nothing like with CD quality, but the fact is that you just don't have the choice : if you want your online clips to be audible for most of your visitors, this audio format is what you need. No special plugin is required on the client's side : this applet will just run on any Java-enabled browser.

The commercial versions of Modulator Jane include a Java utility that performs easy and quick conversion and resampling from various popular audio file formats (WAV, AU, MP3 and AIFF), in order to meet these requirements. See Modulator Jane's sound converter for details.

Setting up your own show

Setting up your own show is easy if you already know how to customize an HTML applet tag. The full documentation about Modulator Jane's HTML settings is here.

If your are new to HTML, just do it this way :

  1. Choose a light show type (ex : Russian Dolls) among the ones available in the package.

  2. Make a copy of the corresponding HTML file, under a different name, and leave it in the same folder as the original (ex : copy rdolls2_d.htm as mypage.html)

  3. In your browser, view the HTML source of this new page.

  4. In the HTML source, look for the applet tag : an applet tag starts with <APPLET> and ends with </APPLET>
  5. Example :
      <APPLET CODEBASE="class/"
              WIDTH=500 HEIGHT=310>
             Mona Lisa : class/snd/ %loop @
             Rembrandt : class/snd/ %loop @
             Souvenir 304 : class/snd/ %loop">
      <PARAM NAME="BGCOLOR" VALUE="#000000">
              IMAGES : class/img/mona.jpg @
                       class/img/rembrandt.jpg @
              DESCRIPTORS : Leonardo : Mona Lisa @
                            Rembrandt, by himself @
                            Xan : Souvenir 304;
              BANDMASKS : 0 @ 2 @ 1;
              GEOMETRY : oval;
              COLORS : #6050A0 @#FFFFFF @#FFFFFF 
              CENTERWIDTH : 300;
              CENTERHEIGHT : 150;
              TEXTCOLOR : #00FF00;
              TEXTSIZE : 16">
  6. If you want to use your own sound files, just replace the names of the demo sound files (ex : class/snd/ with the names of your files (ex : class/snd/ in the <PARAM NAME="SONGS"> tag. Do not forget to move your sound files to the right folder (ex : class/snd/).

  7. If you want to use your own image files, replace the names of the demo files (ex : class/img/xan0304.gif) with the names of your files (ex : class/img/mypicture.jpg) in the tag. Do not forget to move your image files to the right folder (ex : class/img/).

  8. Set the width and the height of your applet by changing the values of the WIDTH and HEIGHT parameters in the <APPLET> tag. That's it !

For full details about the HTML settings, click here.

About the commercial version

  • The DEMO version is freely available on our WEB site, for evaluation purposes. It will stop running after 60 days. You may run Modulator Jane with your own sound files and images, but only locally on your computer. Evaluation of the software on your server is also possible, but only with the sound files provided in the demo package.
  • A COMMERCIAL license is what you need if you want to use the software after the evaluation period. The Server Edition of Modulator Jane comes with a domain-linked license that allows you to integrate the applet on any number of web pages of a single web site.

Differences with the Demo version :
  • The applet also runs on your WEB site with your own sound files (Server Edition)
  • The Neural Semantics copyright notice is removed from the screen display.
  • No time limit.
  • Comes with a registered copy of Modulator Jane's sound converter. This standalone Java application allows easy conversion and/or resampling of sounds from various AU, WAV, MP3 and AIFF audio file formats, in order to match the 8-bit mu-law, 8000Hz AU file format needed by Modulator Jane.


You may register, and order the fully functional version of Modulator Jane directly from our WEB site. You will be asked for the base URL of the WEB site where the software will be installed, as the software is hard-linked to a domain (or subdomain) name.

Please check our WEB site for details and for pricing information.

License agreement

Your license agreement for this Demo version of Modulator Jane is here.

So, ready for the show ? Turn your speakers on ! And...

Copyright © 1999-2000 Neural Semantics sprl