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The best way to get acquainted with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 is through hands-on practice. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to build Web sites every bit as sophisticated and attractive as many of the award-winning sites on the World Wide Web today.

In the following two lessons, you'll build a "Millennium Celebration Web" that provides information about the Year 2000. We've prepared a folder of files for you to practice with while you create this web.


Home Page (Millennium Celebration Web)


What You Will Learn

This tutorial is divided into two lessons:

Lesson 1: Creating and Editing Web Pages

This lesson teaches you how to create and edit Web pages; work with text and hyperlinks; add pictures, animations, clip art, and files; format lists; position objects; design a feedback form; make a photo gallery; design a web structure; and create a web.

Lesson 2: Designing and Publishing a Web

In this lesson, you will learn how to create navigation hyperlinks; add shared borders and navigation bars to pages; insert page banners; apply and customize a graphical theme; check spelling and replace text across the web; sort and organize files and folders; view web reports; and preview and publish the finished web.

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