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Designing and Publishing a Web

Generating a Site Summary

Reports view is an important tool that shows you the overall health and condition of your web before you publish it to the World Wide Web. You can generate custom reports about your web in up to 14 categories.

  To generate a Site Summary report

Reports icon

  • On the Views bar, click the Reports icon.
  • FrontPage switches to Reports view. The default report is the Site Summary. This report shows you the overall statistics of the pages and files in the Millennium Celebration Web. Here are some important ones to look at before you publish your web:

    • All files: you currently have 21 files in your web, totaling approximately 275K in size. This is the amount of space you'll need to have available on the Web server that will host your web.
    • Slow pages: this category shows pages that are slow to download at the targeted download speed. Because you created small thumbnails of the large fireworks pictures in your online Photo Album, your web currently doesn't have any slow pages for you to worry about.
    • Broken hyperlinks: If any broken hyperlinks are reported here, double-click the Broken hyperlinks row to view details about this category. FrontPage lists unverified hyperlinks, such as the external hyperlinks on your Links page, and links that are broken and do not work.
    • You can verify that a hyperlink still points to an active Web site by right-clicking the link in Reports view and choosing Verify from the shortcut menu. To fix a broken hyperlink, you must open the page it is on and repair the URL the hyperlink points to.


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